turn on the light of future






The LED Technology passion, the industrial design and the mechanical components passion, that’s Raffaele Ariè, owner and main designer of LIGHT ON. Always seeking out for new ideas for improving its way of lighting, the light for Ariè is a everyday support, an emotional and functional help for his clients. The light of Raffaele is a customized kind of product, always following the brief and the project based on what the client really need. He take care of the product from the planning and the design to the installation, trying to innovate and add everyday something new. An artisan inside the technology era, He protect the artisanship from and with the technology, he defend what just the human mind and eye is able to understand and create, to model.
















LIGHT ON develop its LED system using just the best components in the world, assembling and modifying the various genres of optics, paradigms and modules. What comes out from this hard work is a light able to be gentle, soft and powerful at the same time. A light useful for the manual work, for the a.i. kind of works, for every kind of offices and work spaces. Surprising for the external spaces, especially for stadium and big structures, where all the LED strength and possibility turns up, Ariè has create some of the most smart and powerful source of LED in Italy and Europe, possibly in the World. The intellectual and manual process is safe with Raffaele Ariè, thanks to its capacity to reach a determinate and fixed level of perfection. From today Light On is a Sideform partner for what concern the LED components, custom and bespoke projects for every kind of Industrial spaces, public and private spaces.